Lord grant me the coffee to deal with customers I cannot change.

I still don’t understand why people don’t push in their chairs when they leave.


It’s a rare customer that can realize that it’s inappropriate to whine to their morning barista about how tired they are because they had to be up at 6 am. I’m here, in my apron, smiling and cheerful. My alarm goes off at 4 am and I haven’t had my coffee either.


"This tastes like water"

That’s because you’re drinking skim milk.

There is such a thing as a stupid question.

I’m sorry we aren’t open until 7am. If you want coffee before that you can make it at your own house.

I thank god I’ve never had to work a drive thru.

A message from lifehasfourletters
That 33 cents anon is a troll, they've been pissing all over all the barista tumblrs - I think it might be the same as one about whip cream melting. Probably best to ignore it xx

Why does the barista community get trolls? I literally do not understand you guys.

A message from galeckifan0687
I ordered a toffeenut white mocha and was charged 33 cents more than what I was normally charged when I got the drink a month ago. I know about Starbucks increasing the prices but it said by 5-20 cents, I was charged 33 cents extra. Why?

I don’t work at a Starbucks. Followers? Also it’s 33 cents so maybe just breathe through it.

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How do you feel about espresso con panna?

I’ve never had anyone order it. I personally wouldn’t.

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This guy the other day yelled at the top if his lung for me saying "sir next time I'll hand you your coffee you don't have to reach over the counter" he basically ripped my head off and told me I was disrespecting him and his decisions. Wtf man like seriously..

I used to have a problem with a woman who would reach over the counter a lot. I started asking her if I could get her anything as soon as I saw her going for it.

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Why don't you like it when people want whipped cream on their lattes? Just curious..

It’s just kind of gross to me. If you want whipped cream just get something froofy.

I don’t mind making an annoying drink for polite, kind people.

"I want an iced mocha with four ice cubes."
Shit Customers Say
"Can I get a Gatorade?"
Hungover guy in drive thru (via baristashavefeelings)